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NEC SL2100 Series is the current work hourse of the NEC business phone system, these systems come with many enterprise features that will increase any organizations productivity. 

NEC’s legendary reliability and quality standards are evident in the innovative DS1000/2000 32-bit phone system architecture. Thr new features available via the Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology, means you  can faster  grow your business without costly upgrade fees. 

The compact DS1000 NEC phone system starts with 3 lines, 8 stations and 4 analog ports.The system can now expand much quicker and easier than in the past.

Small phone system owners will appreciate the convenience of built-in features such as Caller ID to identify incoming callers even before the call is answered. Caller ID loggins also assist in this task. The DS1000 NEC phone system includes built-in interfaces for industry standard telephones which can include cordless instruments as well as Caller ID phones. Plus the DS1000 NEC phone system has a built-in interface for a door answer box.

Larger firms have many workgroup features from which to choose, such as Call Coverage on any phone, Extension Hunting, Group Call Pickup and Multi-party Conference. Caller ID Groups allows for filtering of incoming calls by dept. As the demands on the phone system additional features will allow for the NEC system t continue to grow with your needs.

NEC Phone Systems Integrated VoiceMail Helps Increase Productivity and Savings

The DS family of NEC phone systems offers an integrated voice mail system called Intramail in two different models: a 4 port/4 hour system; or an 8 port/8 hour system. Both phone systems can have up to 160 mailboxes and offer Interactive “Soft” Keys on display telephones.

The DS2000 NEC phone system with T1 capability lets you take advantage of the cost savings often available when using a T1 digital transmission connection from your serving telephone company. It can also give you the flexibility of Direct Inward Dialing (DID) or E&M; Tie Line signaling.

The DS family of phone systems has the added time-saving convenience of PC programming. The NEC phone systems continue to have phone programming so Moves, Adds and Changes can be handled quickly
For assistance today in purchasing a new NEC phone system or getting support for your existing NEC phone system in Stockton CA look no further than 1VoIP for your NEC busines phone systm support.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you in all your communication needs. 

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