In Sacramento CA when it comes to a Panasonic Business Phone Spartner no look no further than Sacramento Business Phone Systems. Panasonic Phone systems work with standard telephone lines, so you never need to upgrade your phone service when your needs increase. Panasonic Business phone systems start as small as 3 lines and 8 telephones and expand to 12 lines and 32 telephones. Panasonic Phone Systems have a great feature called DISA. Direct Inward System Access (DISA) on the Panasonic Business Phone Systems is an optional DISA card which provides an “auto attendant” feature. Incoming callers can hear a message of up to 64 seconds, can obtain single-digit access to extensions or phantom extensions, or ring groups any time during or after the message. Callers can be required to dial a security code to access extensions.You can easily expand from a 3 central office lines and 8 stations Panasonic Business Phone System to a 6 CO lines and 24 stations (KX-TA624) Panasonic Business Phone System or from an 8 CO lines and 16 stations to 12 CO lines and 32 stations (KX-TA1232) Panasonic Business Phone System, with the addition of plug-in cards. For your busines Panasonic phone system needs in the Sacramento CA area reach out today!

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